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The Clock Is Ticking: 4 Signs it's Time to Hire Disability Lawyer

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Filing for disability is a straightforward process. You go online, fill in the information, and send the application. If you have any medical evidence, then you send that in, too. If you went this route, without the use of a lawyer, you may have been denied. Being denied is not the end of the world, but it can be the end of your case if you don't seek a disability lawyer. Here are three signs it's time to hire one for your case.

You've Been Denied Several Times

The reason people suggest hiring a social security disability lawyer after the first denial is because of the time it saves. When you go into the process on your own, you have no representation to find out about the case or push it along. You are at the mercy of caseloads, doctors, evaluation times, and appointments.

If you have been denied several times, then you likely have spent years going through this process. With a lawyer, you would still face the same obstacles, but you have legal representation that kind move things along and press to speed up the situation with court dates and legal appointments that must be met.

You Can't Get Paperwork

There are several steps in the disability process and one of them is paperwork. You have to show some kind of professional evidence backing up your claim. Sometimes getting that paperwork can be like pulling teeth. Your lawyer can represent you and let the offices and managers you are dealing with know that this is a request for a legal matter. They can provide them with a date for the case and hearing and push the paperwork along. They can also accept the paperwork for you if the office would rather handle it in that manner.

You Want a Better Deal

When you go in on your own, you risk receiving less on your settlement and monthly benefits. A lawyer will go for the amount you need, the time frame that you need it cover, and additional benefits you may need as well. You can discuss what you want to see come out of the disability and work towards a goal that your lawyer can professionally achieve.

These are just three signs that you need to hire a disability lawyer. If you are ready to find out what kind of case you have, contact resources like Law Offices Of Russell J. Goldsmith for a free consultation today.