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Before Renting An Event Space, Always Seek Personal Injury Legal Help

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Planning a social event can be a quite a responsibility. The job comes with some degree of stress. There are the legal obligations to consider. In particular, you might be held responsible for accidents that occur at a rented space.

Following is a guide to help event planners better prepare for possible accidents at rented venues.

Renting a Venue Without a Signed Contract

It is never wise to rent use of a facility without a signed contract. Without such a document, you remain open to various problems when things go wrong. If an attendee suffers significant injuries at the event, the hosting party could be held liable.

Negligence laws assign hosts and property owners with duties to protect guests from reasonable dangers. In the absence of a contract, it could be unclear who is to blame in a particular case; so, everyone from planner to rental agent must be prepared to deal with possible lawsuits. For clarity purposes, experts always recommend having a signed, valid contract.

Renting a Venue With a Signed Contract

A personal injury lawyer will usually suggest renting a venue only after signing a contract that delineates the exact responsibilities for accidents. There should be an indemnification clause in the rental agreement. This section, which a personal injury lawyer can review carefully, usually releases the owner from liability in cases of accidents during the event.

A valid contract helps all involved. The host and planner know what to expect if the worst happens; likewise, the property owner knows he or she will not be liable for foreseeable accidents that occur while you have control over the facility.

Having an experienced personal injury lawyer peruse the contract is important because a renter should know that there are no pre-existing conditions listed releasing the owner from responsibility. No renter wants to be responsible for things, such as serious floor cracks, that the owner should have fixed. In fact, a personal injury lawyer can even visit the venue to provide an objective assessment of possible liability dangers.

Get Legal Help Before You Rent a Space

Before deciding on a place to rent for that party, wedding or other social function, it is always best to contact an experienced personal injury attorney. This legal representative can help ensure that your event is a success and that everybody remains safe from foreseeable accidents. Furthermore, if a guest does suffer injuries, this lawyer can help defend against unfair damage claims.