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Losing A Spouse & Getting Injured In A Collision: How A Lawyer Can Help You Sue

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Did you lose your spouse and get badly injured after your vehicle was struck by a reckless driver? If you want to recover without accumulating a lot of bills in the process, your first step should be hiring a lawyer. Below, discover how a personal injury lawyer will build a firm argument to help you get compensated in a lawsuit against the other party.

How Can a Lawyer Build a Good Case for a Car Accident Victim?

Obtaining indisputable evidence that you did not cause the car accident is one of the things a lawyer will do to build your case. It is a good idea to take the accident report with you to hand the lawyer during the initial consultation about your situation. However, he or she can get the accident repair during the process of working on your case if you don't want to get it. The lawyer will investigate the incident further and gather evidence in case the other party contests the accident report.

Building your case will also involve the lawyer finding witnesses. It is likely that he or she will interview business owners that are located near the scene of the accident in case they have it captured on video surveillance. If the accident happened in a residential area, a few of the residents may be interviewed and asked to be witnesses in court.

A few things that you may get compensated for after the lawyer builds your case include:

  • Mental anguish
  • Pain & suffering
  • Funeral expenses
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of income from spouse
  • Loss of income from your job
  • Handicap accessible equipment for your house

Will an Upfront Fee Have to Be Paid to the Lawyer?

Lawyers working personal injury cases will usually charge clients a contingency fee when they are confident that the case will be successful. A contingency fee is money that will not be paid in advance, as it comes out of money from the lawsuit. You will basically have to pay a certain percentage of what is won, which is commonly an average of up to 40%. You will also have to pay an average of up to $2,000+ in court costs out of the lawsuit money.

Recovering from an injury after a car accident is frustrating, but it is even harder to cope with when you have lost a spouse as well. Consult with a personal injury lawyer so he or she can build your case for a lawsuit against the reckless driver!