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Keeping Up With The Cash: Learning To Live On Social Security Disability

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Living on a fixed income can be rough, especially in a world where everyone has to deal with rising costs. There are increase to the cost of living, but depending on the prices in your city this may or may not keep up with rising costs. Luckily, with a little bit of maneuvering, you can learn to live on a fixed income for social security disability.

Adjusting to social security disability means finding new methods of living and new ways to make your income stretch further. If you are interested in finding out how to live ell on social security disability, consider the tips below.

Speak with Your Lawyer about Expectations

Social security disability payments will differ depending on the person. In order to find out exactly what you are eligible for and the best way to get approved for disability, consult a lawyer like the ones at R.J. Marzella & Associates, P.C. They will be able to go through the calculations and legal determinations to figure out the monthly social security that you will receive.

Find Income-Based Housing

One of the biggest payments that most have is their rental and home payments. Income-based housing will be crucial to freeing up your income. Many income contingent housing programs help those who are on disability and receive other government funding. If you cannot find housing based on income in your direct area, consider finding housing that will be 30% or less of your overall monthly income.

Come Together with Others

Communal living with friends and others who receive social security income can help everyone. Roommate living or communal living will help to stretch incomes. Sharing housing, meals, and pitching in to help one another will free up income and make life easier. Those with disabilities often need help or aid, but this is not easily afforded on a fixed income. By helping to lower the expenses and increase the help of others on SSDI, you will also increase your life quality.

Find Free Hobbies

Hobbies tend to be expensive for those who have low incomes. Finding free or low cost ways to spend time can increase health and increase money in the bank. For instance, small gardening has low cost, only requiring containers, soil, and seeds. By growing foods, you can decrease monetary consumption and have a pastime.  Painting is yet another hobby that can be performed with low-cost paper and paint or pencils available at many discount retailers. Free and low cost enjoyment can increase your creative nature while minding your nominal income.