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4 Tips For Avoiding A Motorcycle Accident

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If you enjoy riding your motorcycle, you should take the time to understand how to reach your destination without having an accident. Studies show that fatalities are 26 more times likely to occur for motorcyclists versus automobile drivers. The key to doing so will depend on knowing how to operate this fun piece of equipment safely. Knowing specific tips to help you avoid getting involved in a motorcycle accident may be all you need to do.

Tip #1: Take a motorcycle course

Being able to get around as safely as possible on your motorcycle can be less difficult when you take a motorcycle course that is offered by The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). There are courses offered for both the novice and the experienced motorcyclists.

There are over 2700 locations that offer this course nationwide, so you're sure to find one that is local to your area.

Tip #2: Know your surroundings

One of the most effective ways to help you reach your destination without injury is by being aware of your surroundings. It's more challenging for passengers to see a motorcycle than a vehicle.

Listed below are some additional tips for being more aware:

1.  Get rid of any distractions, such as cell phones or music players.

2.  Be sure to keep several feet between you and other vehicles.

3.  Avoid staring straight ahead at all times and take the time to check your side mirrors for other cars.

Tip #3: Be prepared to stop

Intersections are where many motorcycle accidents occur, and this makes it important to be prepared to brake as quickly at these. Keep your hands on both your front and back brakes when approaching an intersection that can assist you in being capable of stopping as quickly as possible.

Tip #4: Wear proper gear

It's ideal to be prepared before you get on your motorcycle by wearing the right clothing and other equipment. Studies indicate that wearing a protective helmet may reduce the possibility of head injuries up to 69%.

Below are other types of gear you should wear before riding your cycle:

1.  Protective boots that have non-slip soles.

2.  Leather gloves to allow for better steering control.

3.  Full protective body suit.

Preparing yourself before getting on your motorcycle and hitting the open road can be the protection you need from having an accident. However, if you are unfortunately involved in a collision, take the time to consult with a motorcycle accident attorney for proper legal advice.