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Is An Attorney Necessary To Receive Workers Compensation Benefits?

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If a worker is injured while on the job, it is entirely possible to file a claim for Workers Compensation Benefits through the employer. The worker will receive benefits based on the length of time they will be out of work, the amount of their regular paycheck, and the laws of the state where they work and the incident happened. The worker is also entitled to other benefits, such as payment of medical costs, to include emergency room visits, follow-up care, medications and rehabilitative therapy. Some individuals are able to successfully navigate the workers compensation maze alone. However, many workers find that the help of a qualified attorney will achieve a better outcome.

Initial Claim

When a Workers Comp claim is approved, the governing body sometimes attempts to save as much money as possible, and reduce the amount of compensation given to the worker. In this case, it is important for the individual to retain the services of a qualified attorney that deals in workers compensation issues. The attorney can help the injured person receive more compensation for lost wages and time off work. The attorney will also ensure that the individual's medical bills are paid on time and that the individual is able to get all of the medical care they need, from medications to therapy to inpatient or outpatient treatment. This can reduce a huge burden of stress for the individual, allowing them to focus solely on healing from their injuries and returning to life as normal.

Denied Claims

Sometimes, a claim will be denied and the individual is required to file an appeal to get any type of compensation or benefits. The appeals process can be even more confusing than the initial claims process. It is important to gather the proper information and put together a solid case so the appeal is approved. This can be difficult to do for an individual that is trying to recover from an injury, make sure the bills are paid while out of work and not getting a paycheck, and trying to handle the other requirements of daily life. In this situation, it is imperative to retain a qualified attorney to handle the appeal. The attorney is well-versed in exactly what to do to get an appeal approved. Many attorneys don't charge the client unless and until the client wins their claim and receives payment for their injuries. Again, this relieves a huge burden of stress from the individual and ensures they get everything they are entitled to receive.

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