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4 Ways To Prove Your Car Accident Case

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Being in a car collision can be a scary and difficult time. The emotional, physical and financial challenges can make it difficult to cope with this situation. You also may need to take legal action against the other driver to help you recover your financial losses. If so, you will need to know the parts of the discovery stage that allow you to prove your car accident case. This can assist you in building a stronger case and hopefully will allow you to be compensated for your losses.

The Deposition

One of the things you may need to do during the discovery stage is meet with the attorney for your legal opponent. This is referred to as the deposition, and it will be necessary for you to answer several questions when doing so.

Listed below are some things you need to know about this meeting:

1. You will be sworn in under oath, and this is to encourage you to be truthful at all times.

2. You should always have your own attorney present with you.

3. There will be a court reporter present who will transcribe the entire meeting.

Written Interrogatories

You will be asked to answer a series of no more than 25 questions regarding the car accident. In an attempt to strengthen your case, you should provide thorough details about the collision. 

Request for Admissions Statements

The court system is busy and prefers to get to the details of your case quickly for resolution. One way to assist in doing this by either admitting or denying certain statements about the accident. This could shorten the length of a jury trial if the case went this far.

Request for Production Documents

The time to submit the written proof for your case is during this part of the discovery stage. Listed below includes information that you should provide:

1. Car repairs – Be sure to obtain an expense report of the costs to repair your vehicle or the amount to replace it if it's a total loss.

2. Lost wages – Take the time to ask your employer to write a letter stating your lost wages.

3. Medical bills – Make copies of all your medical costs and submit these to help recoup your expenses.

Being involved in a legal action can be difficult, but it may help you recover your losses because of a collision. Be sure to rely on the expertise of a car accident attorney, such as Finkelstein Joel M, to assist you in starting this legal process.