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5 Things You Should Do At The Scene Of An Accident To Help You Car Accident Case

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When it comes to a car accident case, there are things you can do to help ensure that you have the best chance of receiving a good settlement. Many of these actions start immediately following the accident. Here are a few of them:

Call the police.

As soon as an automotive accident occurs, you should contact law enforcement. The report from the law enforcement officer serves as an official record of the event. Since the police officer is a neutral party, the information recorded in his or her report helps establish to insurance adjusters and officials the facts surrounding the accident.

Ask for medical help.

If you are injured during the incident, ask for medical help. Usually, emergency personnel can arrive at the scene of the accident to treat you on site. If there are extensive injuries that require further medical care, you may be taken to a nearby hospital. The medical reports that are recorded concerning your treatment immediately following the accident can help substantiate any claims of injury.

Take pictures.

Most people nowadays have cell phones with camera capabilities. It is best to take your own photographs of the accident scene. Be sure to take pictures of the position of the cars involved, along with any damage to the vehicles. If there are skid marks on the road, photograph them. The pictures should also help indicate the weather conditions at the time of the accident.

The police officer that is called may take additional pictures. However, it is often best to have your own.

Obtain witness information.

If there are witnesses at the scene of the accident, get names and contact information. This can be vital later on as you are seeking a settlement. The witnesses can provide external eyewitness accounts of what transpired.

Be quiet.

If an insurance adjuster shows up at the scene of the accident, do not make haphazard statements to him or her. Instead, allow your attorney to correspond with the adjuster. Small indiscreet comments that you make to an adjuster may be used against you later on. Even if the insurance representative asks you how you are feeling, a response indicating that you are doing okay or are feeling fine may hurt you in the long run.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, contact a car accident attorney in your area for legal representation. Most car accident lawyers offer a free initial consultation.