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4 Commonly Asked Questions About Personal Injury Suits

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If you have become injured or are suffering from pain due to an accident caused by someone else, then you may be entitled to a settlement. Damage compensation can often be delivered to the party filing a personal injury case and paid for by the defendant, if she or he is found liable. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will have a few common questions about personal injury suits answered.

What Are Pre-Trial Motions?

Before the trial begins, both the prosecution and defense can file for motions to possibly be enacted before the trial even begins. The judge will decide if the motions hold water or not. Among the motions that can be filed include the defense motioning for the trial to dismissed due to lack of evidence.

What Occurs During Your Initial Meeting With A Personal Injury Attorney?

The first time you meet with your potential personal injury attorney will be under very informal conditions. Essentially, you should meet just to see if a rapport exists between the two of you. If you feel uncomfortable around your attorney, then chances are you should move onto another option. If it goes well, the attorney will most likely ask a few questions that involve the incident. For example, what your physical condition is, whether you visited the physician after the accident, or what sort of emotional or psychological trauma the accident has caused.

What Is The Process of Discovery?

Discovery simply refers to discovering and sharing facts about the case with the other legal team. As the prosecution, for example, you will share a list of evidence that will be presented in the court case, as well any testimonies that will be delivered by witnesses. With regard to the witness example, this will give the defense attorney or legal team to pose a series of cross-examination questions to the witnesses. Although the ins and outs of the questions that you pose to your witness do not have to be delivered to the opposing legal team, the very fact that you have a witness must be shared.

How Should You Go About Filing Court Papers?

Pleadings, or relevant paper work, should be filed with the help of your attorney. Essentially, you will file a complaint in which you accuse the defendant of wrongdoing. He or she must respond within a set period of time as a claimant, or else he or she will automatically be treated as denying the charges.

For more information and advice, talk with a personal injury attorney directly.