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Three Professionals You Will Need to Consult Prior to or During Your Truck-Accident Lawsuit

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As a surviving victim of a truck accident, you may have all kinds of medical issues. If you are thinking about suing the truck driver or their company, your truck-accident attorney will need you to do a few things first. This includes visiting certain professionals to get professional opinions, recommendations, and information regarding your treatments and care. The following three professionals are representative of the most commonly requested professionals that your lawyer may ask or require you to see before or during your case.

Medical Doctor

This person could be your family doctor or a general practitioner, so long as it is a doctor that you have seen regularly under normal conditions and now will see more often because of your accident. Your medical doctor can supply your lawyer with the documentation that your lawyer needs to prove that your injuries were not only substantial but also caused by the accident and not present prior to the accident. Be consistent with your follow-up appointments with this doctor and be sure to sign a waiver that will allow your doctor to speak to your lawyer with regard to your injuries and your case.

Physical Therapist

If you are referred to a physical therapist because your injuries prevent you from walking, standing, sitting comfortably, lifting, writing, or typing, your lawyer will expect that you attend your appointments for the therapist. You should provide your lawyer with this information too. It points to the difficulties you are having with mobility after the accident versus your ability to move before the accident. The physical therapist can also provide a professional opinion with regard to your ability to move easily in the future and perform most duties that you were able and capable of doing before the accident.

Mental Health Professional

Whether you see a therapist or a psychiatrist after the accident does not make a big impact on your case, but seeing a mental health professional of some sort is a good idea. You may have experienced some mental or emotional trauma during or after the accident and may need some help resolving what you feel about this major event in your life. If you had passengers in the vehicle with you and they were killed or badly injured, you may have a lot of emotions about the accident that you should address (e.g., anger, sadness, or depression). Your lawyer may also request these records if you intend to sue for pain and suffering.

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