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FAQ About Suing After A Collision

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Did the driver of a large company truck crash into your vehicle and leave you with a long-term injury? If your life has changed and will never be the same due to the incident, seeking justice financially might help you cope better. The first thing that you will need is a good attorney to help you receive compensation to the fullest amount that you deserve. This article will answer a few questions that you might have in regards to how an attorney can help you get justice.

Will the Attorney Need the Accident Report? 

The accident report will play a role in whether or not you are found to be responsible for the collision. However, even if the report puts the other party at fault, it can be contested later on. The attorney will need the report so he or she can review what the law enforcement officers said about the incident. You will not likely need to obtain the report on your own, as the attorney can do it on your behalf.

Can the Employer of the Other Party Be Sued?

Being that your motorcycle was hit by a company truck driver, it is possible for his or her employer to be sued. An attorney will basically investigate to determine if the driver was not properly licensed, and if your employer new about it.  The overall history of the employer in regards to being sued for accidents will be investigated. You can actually end up getting compensated from the employer and driver of the truck.

How Much Evidence Will the Attorney Need?

The extent of evidence needed will require on what exactly you are going through, such as you need counseling, handicap accessible equipment and etc. If you lost your job due to the injury, you can provide past pay stubs and a statement from your employer. You will also need to give the attorney proof of your injury, but he or she can obtain your medical history if you give permission. It is possible that the attorney will want you to visit the accident site with him or her and tell your story about what happened. He or she can then create a diagram to use as evidence, as it can demonstrate why you can be held liable if the accident report is contested.

When Will Compensation Be Received?

There is no set amount of time in which you will be compensated. The outcome will depend on the complexity of the case and strength of your lawsuit. However, it is likely that your attorney will try to reach a settlement out of court to speed things up. Contact an accident attorney so the lawsuit can get started.