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Three Ways That You May Get Hurt In Or Around A Cruise Ship Swimming Pool

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When you're on a cruise ship, one of the best ways to spend your time is in and around the swimming pool. Many ships have multiple pools, meaning that you can usually find one that has a size and features that you enjoy. Most pool visits will be positive, but there's always a chance that you could end up with an injury. Should you sustain an injury in or around the cruise ship's swimming pool, you'll want to speak to a legal professional who specializes in cruise ship accidents. Here are three ways that you could get hurt.

Slipping On The Deck

A common way that people get injured around swimming pools is by slipping on the deck. On one hand, you might feel as though you were hurrying or weren't watching where you were going, and were thus responsible for slipping and falling. However, the cruise line bears a responsibility for ensuring that its passengers are aware of the risks of being around the pool deck. A pool deck that isn't signed to warn people that the surfaces may be slippery, for example, can indicate negligence on the part of the cruise line.

Hitting The Bottom Of The Pool

Diving into a swimming pool can be safe if the pool is deep enough, but it's possible to sustain a serious head, neck, or back injury if you dive into a pool that is on the shallow side. In such a scenario, it's advantageous for your case if the depth of the pool wasn't clearly marked, and if there weren't signs that warned swimmers to avoid diving. The absence of these indicators could have led you to believe that the pool was deep enough to support your dive — and that may have directly resulted in your injury.

Getting Hurt On The Slide

Some cruise ship's swimming pools have water slides, which can dramatically increase your enjoyment of being in and around the pool. Unfortunately, it's possible for you to encounter a slide that wasn't poorly maintained, and it could have had a role in your injury. In the most extreme cases, the slide may have collapsed while you were sliding down it, causing you to fall several feet to the pool deck. Or, a sharp edge inside of the slide could have sliced through your skin, resulting in a nasty cut. If you've encountered any of these unfortunate situations, a cruise ship accident lawyer will be your best ally.