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Who Can You Hold Accountable If A Big Rig Wrecks Your Vehicle? Find Out

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If a big rig wrecks your vehicle, the main culprit may be the trucker. However, other offenders besides the driver may have played a part in the crash. Therefore, consider hiring a truck injury attorney to assist you in identifying all the wrongdoers. This will enable your legal advisor to know who to name as the defendants when preparing a lawsuit. Your auto accident attorney may recommend that you sue the following parties:

The Trucker

Many collisions involving 18-wheelers and passenger vehicles happen because truckers disregard safety rules. For instance, they may fail to address medical problems that could affect their ability to drive safely. Others drive while fatigued, which causes them to make poor driving decisions. 

Some truckers also ignore traffic rules, which leads them to hit other drivers and road users. For example, they might drive above the recommended speed limit, or engage in other activities, e.g., speaking on the phone while driving. Truckers who exhibit these forms of negligent behavior should offer you a settlement for your losses. Therefore, you need to hire a truck injury lawyer to gather evidence and file a claim against the at-fault driver.

The Trucker's Employer

The law requires trucking companies to hire qualified drivers and offer them specialized training before they start working. They should also conduct regular drug and alcohol tests to ensure truckers do not get behind the wheel while impaired. In addition, trucking firms are responsible for maintaining their fleet regularly to keep the trucks in good working order. 

Failure to take these measures can lead to a collision that can make you suffer significant losses, and if this happens, you can sue the trucking firm. Your lawyer will investigate your case to determine the trucking company's contribution to the crash. They will then help you to take legal action against them to enable you to get compensation.

The Truck or Spare Part Manufacturer

The truck or spare part manufacturer might be liable if a defective part contributes to a truck crash. As such, you can hold them responsible if a crash occurs because of a tire burst, brake failure, or other mechanical problem. However, proving that a mechanical problem caused the wreck can be challenging. Accordingly, you may want to hire a legal advisor to help you get evidence to prove your case. They will get experts to examine the truck and determine the faulty part or mechanism that caused the crash. This will enable your lawyer to determine the parties to sue.

As demonstrated, you can hold several wrongdoers accountable if a big rig hits your vehicle. However, you must have evidence showing each party's contribution to the collision to get compensation. An auto accident attorney can gather and present all the evidence needed to prove your case and hold all the offenders accountable.