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Causes Of Electrical And Chemical Workplace Burns And How To Seek Compensation When They Happen

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Firefighters, construction workers, healthcare providers, mechanics, and restaurant workers are at a high risk of severe burns while performing their duties. The risk is even higher for workers who work with electrical appliances or hazardous chemicals. In these cases, you might suffer severe physical or internal injuries. Further, these harms might affect your skin, bones, and organs, making you undergo costly medical treatments. You may also lose wages during treatment and recovery. Note that you have a right to get workers' comp benefits when this happens, as you will learn in this discussion.

Causes of Electrical and Chemical Workplace Burns

Many workplace burns occur because of exposure to fire and flames. However, electrical burns are also common among workers and are usually fatal. In most cases, these injuries happen when workers touch naked electrical cables or use faulty electrical appliances. Some employees also suffer severe chemical burns when their skin comes into contact with hazardous liquids and other compounds. In addition, gases contribute to burns and severe internal injuries to workers who inhale them for a long time.

You should know that chemical burns can be minor or severe depending on the type of substance you touch and the duration of exposure. More so, if the hazards cause high-degree burns, you might spend a long time in the hospital. Electrical burns may also be fatal, and they might also require extensive medical services. In addition, they might make you miss work as you receive treatment. In such cases, these consequences might make you contemplate seeking workers' comp payments. So, once you decide to seek compensation, your first step should be contacting a legal advisor to guide you through the process.

The Process of Seeking Payments after an Injury

The process of seeking payments should start with reporting your injury to your employer. This will enable them to make arrangements on how you can get immediate medical care. Your employer should also create a report of the incident and inform their insurer about your incident. Then, after notifying your employer about your issue, hire an attorney to help you prepare and file a claim. In such a case, they will ensure that you provide the information the insurance provider needs to determine whether you're eligible for the benefits. Moreover, a successful application will enable you to get a settlement to cover your lost wages and medical costs.

If you suffer severe electrical or chemical burns at work, a workers' compensation attorney can assist you with your claim. They will investigate your accident, gather helpful information, and file a claim for you. In addition, your legal advisor will represent you in your case to ensure you get the benefits you're entitled to under your state laws.

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