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Auto Accidents: The Documentation You Need To Prove Your Damages

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If you were the victim in an auto accident, you'll likely need to file a lawsuit against the other driver's insurance provider to get the compensation you deserve. However, it is up to you to prove that the accident happened and that there were significant damages to justify what you're asking for. Continue reading more below about some of the evidence that you'll need to prove different types of damages. 

Medical Expenses 

The cost associated with recovering from the injury may be the biggest expense that you have aside from property damage. You can prove these expenses by having medical bills, prescription receipts, and any costs associated with rehabilitation. All your medical care should have documentation associated with it, and there will be a price of how much it cost you.

Lost Wages

Time spent recovering from an injury can create a big financial loss that you are not prepared for. You should provide the necessary documentation to show how much money you lost from your job. This includes pay stubs that prove how much you make per day and a record of the days that you missed work. Even if you used a sick day or vacation day, that is a day you earned that is now lost. You should be compensated for your time in terms of the monetary value of a day off from work.

Property Damage

Your vehicle will have damage that needs to be repaired after an accident. This includes estimates to have work done, receipts for work that has been completed, and damage to any other personal items within the vehicle that need to be replaced. If the vehicle was totaled, you will need to provide the information on the cash value of your vehicle. 

Pain and Suffering

Emotional pain can be difficult to put an exact number on, but you still need evidence to prove that you are going through it. Consider collecting statements from healthcare providers that support a claim of pain and suffering damages. You could also keep a journal to document how much pain you were in on any given day.

Emotions Distress

Emotional distress is another area where you'll need written statements, but from some sort of mental health professional that you've been working with. Being diagnosed with anxiety or depression after the accident can help prove the amount of emotional distress you went through due to the accident, which you deserve to receive compensation for.